I have finally finished my latest “Crazy Horse” piece.  I’m quite excited about this one.  I experimented with different molding pastes, and of course broken sea glass, and sugar.  Neil Johnson (neildjohnson.com) was the mastermind to this project.  We did a video, time lapse to this painting.  It’s going to be really wild once the final touches are done in editing.  It’s performance art in and of itself.  This video will not be your average time lapse, there was some fight club inspiration.  That’s all I’ll say for now.  I will keep all of you posted on when the video is ready to be viewed.  In the mean time, I am selling this painting.  I was saving it for the show, but I am taking things a different direction for October’s show.  I am selling it for $400.



About zachcrane

The less slobbery, less famous James Franco.
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