Just cause it’s funny.

1. Argument to the person: I had a fun experience with this one. Well, I always have fun experiences with this one. One experience in particular sticks out. I was in debate class discussing whether marijuana should be legal or not. There were two different girls on opposing sides. They were polar opposite genres of white trash. One was your classic burn out goth rebel. She was fighting for the legalization of weed. The other was a rodeo queen who spent the majority of her time drinking excessive amounts of bud light while sitting seat belt-less next to her fox racing boyfriend in his beloved diesel truck. The debate was going a little something like this:
Burn out- Marijuana should be legal, it is less harmful for you than alcohol. Alcohol brings out aggression.
Rodeo Queen- No it doesn’t! There are girls out on the streets selling their bodies for pot!
Burn out- Hmmm, really? There are girls prostituting themselves for weed? Interesting. Where did you experience this?
Rodeo Queen- (In a raised tone) I uh uh, you do! You probably do!
Burn out- Ha! I’m a marijuana whore?!


About zachcrane

The less slobbery, less famous James Franco.
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