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“The Facebook Follies”

I’d like to take this moment to introduce everyone to the star attraction of my upcoming book based on true events called ‘The Facebook Follies.” People ask me all the time, they say “Zach, don’t you feel like a real asshole for blogging about these people’s lives. I say ” Absolutely not! All it takes is a little nerve. If they have the nerve to post it to the world. I have the nerve to write about it.” So there you have it. More antics, and shit storms around the corner. Stay tuned. In the mean time…
hey can some one come get me i’m on oasis. walking
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Brittany Renee Y r u there
July 12 at 3:21pm via mobile · Like
Noelle Nichole Edgmon dont talk to him britney
July 12 at 5:25pm · Like
Noelle Nichole Edgmon mama said
July 12 at 5:25pm · Like
Utah J Robinson You can do what ever you want girl. I’m sorry but you sis an mom both suck nigger cock. Talk shit noelle…. Haters keep hating, your nothin but a two face liar. Good ridens
Yesterday at 2:19pm via mobile · Like
Noelle Nichole Edgmon no she cant atleast im clean and sober so goodbye
Yesterday at 4:31pm · Like
Brittany Renee God damn stop fighting I just ask a question damn both chill the fuck out
Yesterday at 5:33pm via mobile · Like
Utah J Robinson I am clean you dumb bitch at least i’m not some whore!!!! Got another house an everything. What do you got? Nothing as usual….
10 hours ago via mobile · Like
Brittany Renee Ok both of u please just stop.for me man if I new this would have happened I wouldn’t of posted it just STOP for me please

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Another feud from “The Facebook Follies”

Anymous r u high???? cuz u looked fucked up  Anonymous Um…do u really have to ask babe.? Anonymous r one day u will grow up into a decent person and maybe that day you will want to be in your neices life….. … Continue reading

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Facebook Follies

  I promised myself I would stop leaking valuable material from “Facebook Follies” but I just can’t resist.  This is just a common feud between some lesser primates.  I can’t get enough of this. ‘Whomp!  LOL”  Don’t get it??? I … Continue reading

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Facebook Follies

I am trying so desperately hard to not leak anything from the ridiculous book i’m throwing together called “Facebook Follies.”  (Title not set in stone)  However, I have to share this little pearl I came across two days ago.  It’s … Continue reading

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